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My system for making pottery workshops is based on a very free way - first I need to know what the main aim for attending the course is:

  • wheel throwing
  • handbuilding techniques, murals and decoration
  • abstract or concrete sculpture

I hang on to the direction the participants will choose. The duration of the workshop will be 10 to 15 days. Everyone may have his own rhythm of workflow, so the studio will be open for 24 hours. There are many non clay related opportunities in the region including exploration of the 13th century underground cities and churches, hiking, horseback riding and much more:

the fairy chimneys in Zelve, the Paşabağı valley, Çavuşin, the Kızılçukur valley, Goreme, churches, museums, Uçhisar, the Guvercinlik und love valley, wine tasting in Urgup, Sinasos, underground city of Derinkuyu, Hacibektas with its Alevi history as well as beautiful opportunities for viewing sunrise or sunset.

  • On the first day we will walk around in Avanos and visit many pottery studios and watch the traditional way of throwing;

  • On the second day the clay will be presented with its details and some surface treatment options will be explained. On a horse-cart tour we will visit the places where the clay comes from;

  • On the third day we will plan the details of the workshop and start to work with the clay, while the techniques of handling the clay are further explained;

  • On the following days the work will iterate with visiting the sightseeing points in Cappadocia;

  • On the last days the pieces can be burnt in the kiln for getting carried away home.



I warmly recommend the Sofa Hotel in Avanos to stay in. If you would rather like to stay at another place I can help you too. Small groups I can give the 2 rooms upstairs to stay in - shower, WC and kitchen are there too.

room other room kitchen shower
room other room kitchen shower
  studio kiln  
  studio kiln  

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