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I was born on April 10th in 1963 in Avanos. With the age of 7 my father slowly introduced me to the clay and from that time on we where working many years side by side. I learnt the wheel throwing from my father. Besides this I also learnt handbuilding techniques. Being young I worked in the traditional peasant style of Avanos. With developing tourism I got acquainted to all kinds of people and many other artists and I slowly thought of changing my way of working. On my way finding a new style I met Necati AYDEN, discipline of Bedri Rahmi EYÜPOĞLU, who made a great impression on me and we started to work together in one studio, which resulted in an apprenticeship of 9 years. I actually found my style while working with Necati.


  • Urfa Atatürk dam
  • Ankara Galeri Z
  • 20. - 26.12.2005 earthArt in Talimhane
    Earth, Air, Water, Fire
    Sculptures in Avanos:
  • Arif SAĞ park sculpture
  • Uğur MUMCU park sculpture

In many hotels, restaurants and other official buildings in Cappadocia and turkish big cities one can find many of my murals.


Besides this I am making pottery workshops for turkish and foreign groups.

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